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Rosatom: the development of fast reactor technologies will consolidate the leadership of the Russian Federation in the nuclear power industry

  Special Representative of ROSATOM for International, Science, and Technology Projects Vyacheslav Pershukov noted that Russia is the world leader in the development of fast reactors.   "The development of fast-neutron reactors that allow closing the nuclear fuel cycle will allow Russia to maintain world leadership in nuclear energy," said Rosatom’s special representative for international, science, and technology projects, head of the Proryv project, Vyacheslav Pershukov. "Russia is the world leader in the development of nuclear technologies. Our country has accumulated vast experience in this field. This development will allow us to maintain world leadership in nuclear power," he said

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16 February 2018 The US House of Representatives - the lower chamber of Congress - has approved two bills related to nuclear energy research and

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The Ichos consortium has been selected to design and construct the Pallas research reactor, which is to be built at Petten in the Netherlands to

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05 December 2017 South China Morning Post China hopes cold war nuclear energy tech will power warships, drones. Beijing is pumping billions into the development

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