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Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering (NIKIET)

    Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering is one of the biggest centers of nuclear technology and design in Russia. Has been designing various types of reactors since 1952, including submarine, SMR and research reactors.

Science & Innovations JSC

    Managing company for Rosatom research institutions.
    Established in 2011 for managing assets and R&D activities of 12 Rosatom institutions split by three major areas: Chemical Engineering, Electrophysics and Power Engineering.

Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE)

    Institute for Physics and Power Engineering is a multidisiplinary institution focusing of the complex research of nuclear reactor physics and reactor technology development. It has got on its account over 120 designs of various nuclear systems including fast reactors design.

Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR)

    RIAR is the world biggest research and experimental nuclear institution with

  • Unique experimental base comprising 6 research and demonstration reactors (SM 3, MIR, RBT-6, RBT-10, BOR-60, VK-5). providing the ground for research of the hot issues of nuclear science,
  • Biggest material testing complex for testing materials for the reactors active zones, samples irradiation,
  • Experimental stands and channels for nuclear fuel tests,
  • Radiochemical complex for research of trans -uranium elements and high reactive radionuclides, development and manufacturing of irradiation devices
  • Waste treatment and dumping complex