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The unique nuclear reactor in Seversk will start working in 2026

The experimental BREST-OD-300 reactor will operate on new mixed uranium-plutonium nitride fuel

The launch of the experimental BREST-OD-300 reactor in Seversk (Tomsk Region), which will operate on the new mixed nitride uranium-plutonium fuel, will be held in 2026. The special representative of Rosatom for international, science, and technology projects, the head of the Proryv project, Vyacheslav Pershukov announced this to journalists on Thursday.

“The fuel fabrication module should be launched in 2021. We are finishing its construction along with the installation, we are starting to install the equipment – in 2020 we will finish. Then, there will be the adjustment for an industrial operation. In 2023 – the beginning of the industrial operating time of nitride fuel and its first load into BREST -OD-300. In 2026 – the end of construction and the start-up of the reactor “, – said Pershukov at the Rosatom conference “Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Basis of Fast Neutron Reactors” in Tomsk (october 2018).

He added that the construction of a module for the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing at the same site is delayed for natural reasons. “In order to launch it, you first need to accumulate spent nuclear fuel, which will be done by 2028,” said Pershukov.


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Published 19.10.2018